Associate of Science in Renewable Energy

The Associate of Science degree program in renewable energy offers two areas of specialization: 

Bioenergy, which focuses on the generation of biogas from organic material from agricultural, industrial, and municipal byproducts and waste.

Solar and wind energy, which focuses on energy production from solar panels, wind turbines, and other technologies

Upon graduating from the two year program students have the choice of entering the job market with an Associates of Science degree or continuing their education at the Columbus campus having completed approximately 50% of the requirements for a Bachelor or Science.  For more information, to schedule a visit or to apply just visit The Ohio State ATI's admissions page.

Career Prospects

Investment in the renewable energy industry is predicted to grow worldwide from $66 billion in 2007 to $630 billion in 2030. There is an expanding need for qualified employees in such positions as:

• Equipment installation and service technicians
• Environmental engineering technicians
• Bioenergy plant/system operators
• Energy facility manager
• Renewable energy equipment sales
• Research laboratory technicians
• Water and waste treatment system operators

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